Film Photography and why I do it…

April 28, 2019

Why I choose to shoot film for my family sessions in New Jersey and Brooklyn NYCThe Beauty of Film Photography

Before digital, film photography was all we knew. Most of us have some sort of recollection of popping in a yellow film cartridge into the back of the camera. Once that shut, we knew never to open it again until the roll of film was done with. Our point and click cameras were automatic so all we had to do was click and wind, and not much else.

But did you know that apart from the point and click film cameras, there were professional-grade film cameras as well. Most of us probably had never handled one. I know I certainly hadn’t. My father had a professional-grade film camera and it looked far too intimidating for me to try it back then. You needed to really understand shutter speeds, apertures, sensor sensitivity, light, movement and how all these elements could be manipulated individually to create that desired look.

The arrival of digital cameras

Once digital cameras came on the scene, we said goodbye to those point and click cameras for good. As I began my journey as a professional photographer I started to understand and appreciate all those various elements that were required to take a great image and that empowered me to start my own photography company (which you can read more about on a previous blog post). I mentioned in that post about coming across these amazing film photographers who shot primarily high end weddings on film.

I had always wondered why fine art film had to stop at weddings though. To me, photographing Motherhood is just as important as a bride’s wedding day. And I truly believe the same level of care, skill and expertise is warranted no matter what your subject is. But it was definitely disappointing when I first came on the scene, to see that many people in the professional photography community only regard wedding photographers with respect. Family photographers were looked at differently. That’s when I made the decision to do what I felt made sense for my business, and that was to elevate this idea of capturing Motherhood and Family. And to do so by incorporating fine art film images into my Motherhood sessions.

Film Photography for Moms with a Fine Art Approach

Moms deserve having their families documented with the same fine art approach that weddings have. I mean why should it not? While fine art photography within the realm of Motherhood Photographers is still somewhat rare, it IS gaining some traction, with online resources like “The Fount Collective” and “Belle Lumiere“. Those resources show Motherhood in a completely different light. I’m thrilled to be able to offer film to my Moms and provide them with fine art images you can be just as proud to display at home just as you were with your wedding images.

For more information on my film photography sessions for you and your family, please don’t hesitate to contact me for further details. I can’t wait to capture these beautiful fine art images for your home.

Mom and Baby Beach Session captured on a Hasselblad on Portra400 Film

Mom and Baby posing during beach family session

Black and White film images of family during Holiday Session at Deep Cut Gardens

Portra400 film at Deep Cut Gardens at Family Session

Mom and Baby Fall Beach Session captured on black and white medium format film

Motherhood and Baby Fall Beach Session on Black and White ilford hp5+ film