Tips for conducting your photography session at home

November 6, 2018

One of the benefits of hiring me as your photographer is that i conduct my portrait photography sessions both at home our outdoors. While i’m a natural light photographer, indoor photography sessions can work quite well (especially for moms who have just had a baby). Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions about conducting indoor sessions at your home.

How long do your indoor sessions take?

Both my indoor and outdoor sessions take approximately  1-1.5 hours. This gives us the appropriate amount of time to create some beautiful family moments, something that just can’t be achieved in a shorter amount of time. If we’re doing a newborn session, it may take up to 3 hours, depending on your baby’s needs. Babies run the show and if they need to get fed, or need changing, we just go with the flow.

Does my entire home have to be neat and tidy for the photoshoot to take place?

Not at all. Typically with an in-home session, we would identify 1 or 2 rooms in your house with the best natural lighting. While picking up before the photoshoot might be a good idea, we do want to capture authentic moments, so don’t worry about the rooms looking like it came out of a design magazine!

What should we wear?

All my clients will receive a comprehensive 50-page book on everything they’ll need to know about what to wear, where to find what they’re looking for, and anything else related to their session with me. But in general, these are the guidelines that I like to follow. As with any photoshoot that I do, I always recommend neutral colored clothing. While we don’t want to match everyone in the family to the same outfit, coordinated neutral clothing is best. I always say “start with mom, and coordinate from there!” For in-home sessions especially, comfort is key! Wear some of your every day clothing to feel comfortable in your own home, but make sure you stay away from bold colors, sport jerseys, large lettering and graphics. Those can be distracting.

Do you offer shorter lifestyle sessions?

Unfortunately i don’t, because in order to photo-document a special moment or activity, 1-1.5 hours is typically the time needed for some great moments. I do offer a 20-30 minute outdoor session for a short duration during the holiday season each year. These sessions however are geared more towards posed photography with fewer candid moments. Do sign up for my newsletter if you’d like to be notified of when these shorter sessions are conducted.

Me in action taken by a client.